Ashura 2018 What Is ? When Is ? All things That You need to know

By | August 24, 2018

Ashura 2018

Ashura 2018 is a day when Imam Hussain was Shaheed This day occurs on the 10th Muharram Friday 21 September. Or Maybe Saturday 22 September 2018. The reason behind the date vary is because Islamic calendar based on the age of Moon so that age of moon for Muharram vary from date to date.

How People Act on Ashura 2018

Ashura 2018

Ashura 2018

Millions of Muslim worshipers around the world have pointed out the weekly days in Shia Calendar, You and Ashura 2018 in the celebrations and services of this week. Tawa and Ashura 2018 on the ninth and 10th day of Muharram, the day of mourning in Shia Islam, to remind the martyrs of Imam Hussain, the grandchildren of Mohammad Muhammad. Ashura involves the re-warfare of the Karbala war, which died in 680 Hussein, and during the public gatherings of the mass gatherings with fans and music as well as worshipers brought black clothes. In some parts of the world, observers defeated their chests and heads and flogged themselves with chains or swords. History is decided according to the new moon and is celebrated as public holidays in, Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon Iraq, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Turkey, Bahrain, and Pakistan. This year, it happened on September 29-30 – the end of four weeks. South Asia is known as ‘Gabbar’, and ‘Swar Zani’ and ‘Qama Zani’ is a tradition in the Southern Society, which is born from South Lebanon and Karbala in southern Iraq where Hussain

What Islam Said about Ashura 2018

Islam is decreed peace through unity in salutations to the divinely chosen in real time. I have shared information on the presence of 49th Imam and Fatimid KHALIFATULLAH Kareem Shah Al Hussaini Aga Khan IV. We need to share this information learning from the acceptance of 48th Imam and Fatimid KHALIFATULLAH Sultan Muhammad Shah as Jesus like a leader in 1898. All faith community referring to prophet Abraham SUH and HP referred as Brahmma here needs to unite in salutations for divinely chosen for our age. We need to transition to the new age of peace in the 7.5 billion commune of Adam SUH and Hawwa AS, the mother of 7.5 billion communes of Adam SUH and all souls waiting to arrive on this Earth. I am calling for Abrahamic Quartet Unity through recognizing Brahmins in India as the posterity of prophet Abraham SUH in the posterity of Sara AS referred as Saraswati. This is my distinct proposal which I am sharing publicly here. I have been writing on this through social media and emails in discussions forum. Salaam to all from Delhi Shareef, the city of three FatimidĀ also of Allah ussamad in the posterity of five purified souls referred in verse 33:33. The position of KHALIFATULLAH as Vicar of God is divinely chosen. This position cannot be usurped. All referring to prophet Muhammad SUH and HP need to unite in acceptance of 49th Imam and Fatimid KHALIFATULLAH for uniting humanity for the new age of peace. The position is decreed. None can usurp. We suffered AB Baghdadi as another usurper of the identity for fooling non-Shia Muslims . Commemorating of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain is for denouncing the usurpers. Now, all 12ers need to dump the false information of the number of 12 for accepting the clear promise of Allahussamad for prophet Abraham for having the WORD decreed in his posterity.T he chain is alive in the posterity of prophet Muhammad SUH and HP through prophet Ismail. Jesus SUH was the last messenger and prophet SUH and sign of God decreeing sending the Paraclete

Sunni Muslim on Ashura 2018

The information on Sunni Muslims commemorating the Moses SUH and HP are wrong. I am reading about this first time since I am from Sunni social background accepting the chain of Fatimid Khalifatullah. We are in the age of 49th Imam and Fatimid Khalifatullah Kareem Shah Al Hussaini Aga Khan IV representing Imam Hussain in our age. Salutations to all prophets, messengers, and avatar are part of the salutations of all Muslims. I would urge authors of the article to refer to the global community of non-SHIA Muslims since there is no difference in the commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain. Saudi Arabia is promoting false information or the author of this article has referred to someone for speaking in the name of Sunnies. The information for commemorating the victory of Moses SUH and HP is wrong since the Ashura 2018 and Chehallum is associated with the martyrdom of Imam Hussain only. Of course, we stand with all divinely chosen and celebrate victories and martyrdoms of all.

Sunni Muslims in India not known as SHIAS are commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussain. I am from a village in Bihar from non-Shia social background witness to the commemoration of 40 days in Peer Painti village. Sauds are victims of Wahabism denounced for their hate speech against visiting the seat of the Fatimid alias of Allahussamad. Some Madarsas started speaking for them in order to earn money from them for promoting Wahabism. But, India remains pledged to Fatimid alias. Self-flagellation is not part of the commemoration amongĀ  Sunnies.

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