Muharram Poems 9th and 10th Muharram Poems

By | August 24, 2018

Muharram Poems

Muharram is an Islamic festival and also a very important part of religion Islam Due to his Sacrifice. on this month the war of Karbala Happened many Muslim Killed on this Day so we give in the honor of all the Muslim Muharram Poems

The first of Muharram has arrived

– Alhamdulillah –

Another year we have survived

This year we strive to do so much better

Practice our Deen down to the letter

Complete all our Salaat on time

Do many good deeds in our prime

Give Zakat without hesitation

Of the Holy Qu’ran make frequent recitation

Treat all we come across with kindness

Constantly ask for forgiveness

Muharram Mubarak to you, and

May all your Duas come true

– Insha’Allah !Muharram Poems

.     .     .

Glossary of Arabic phrases and Muslim terms:


Alhamdulillah:  In Arabic – God/Allah be praised

Deen:  In Arabic – the way or code of life

Salaat:  Arabic for proper prayer ritual

Zakat:  the giving of a portion of one’s wealth to the poor or needy – a practice initiated by Muhammad

Muharram Mubarak:  Blesséd Muharram – an equivalent to Happy New Year in English.  Muharram is the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar.  In 2012 New Year’s Day is November 15th and marks the beginning of year 1434.

Dua:  calling out to/summoning God – one’s personal invocation to Allah

Insha’Allah:  In Arabic – God/Allah willing,  If God/Allah wishes it to be so.Muharram Poems

9th and 10th Muharram poems

Since the Hajj, our slates are clear,
Muharram is the first month of the year.

In this month, Bani Israel got freedom from Firawn’s wrath,
Hazrat Hasan  and Husain  were martyred in Allah’s path.

Firawn was a very tyrant king indeed,
And he exceeded the limits in his deeds;

Allâh taught us a lesson through Firawn,
Those who defy Allâh’s message will drown.

Martyrs have a blissful life in paradise,
They escaped the prison of this life, which is nice.

Allâh teaches us through their shahadat
We all have to wish for this best of ibadat.

We must change our lifestyle and have Allah’s fear,
To truly deserve a happy and pious new year!

If our Imaan is strong,
Allah will help us all along,Muharram Poems


he evil doers plotted with a treacherous strategy

People say time heals all wounds… they’ve never heard of your tragedy

We gather after 40 days and remember you lying on that desert plain

We remember how you called for help… but lay deserted, slain

Dead heads on spears, Zainab’s eyes filled with tears, Zainab’s heart filled with tears, women and children veilless and chained

Hussain and the companions are dead now, the children have been orphaned

Dogs and pigs drank water from the Euphrates, but the family of Rasoolillah didn’t receive any portion

Instead the enemies whipped them, and threw them on bare camels

When people stop forbidding evil, the honorable are treated worse than animals

From Karbala to the streets of Kufa, to the dungeons in Shaam

Yazid’s army tortured the caravan, trying to extinguish the light of Islam

Sakina slept on the cold floor, screaming as men beat and whipped her Imam

Death from intense grief overtook some of the women, the others marched on

My condolences on what took place in those dungeons after you, Oh Hussain!

Time separated us and distance distanced us, but we are with you Oh Hussain!

But are we really with you, or is this another promise unfulfilled?

Plenty of empty slogans were expressed in thousands of letters, leading for you to be killed

If the morning prayer passes while I sleep through this responsibility, how am I with you, Oh Hussain?

Legends of the heavens took arrows to the chest – well beyond their death – to protect the prayer, Oh Hussain

If I curse, backbite, and slander the believers, how am I with you, Oh Hussain?

You refrained from such behavior but your killers indulged in it, Oh Hussain

If I don’t observe patience and swallow my anger, how am I with you, Oh Hussain?

Lessons unapplied will surely lead to my demise, if I am not careful, Oh Hussain

Your head on a spear recited verses of the Quran

My head intact, do I often neglect the Holy Quran?

Is our purpose to strive for material gain or to strive for Islam?

We see people acquiring their worldly desires, but we don’t see our Imam.

I ask Allah to hasten his reappearance, so that we may avenge Ashura

But maybe Allah is waiting for someone genuine, instead of this letter from Kufa

If I come to these majalis but still curse and backbite, I have made a mockery of this remembrance and of Imam Hussain’s sacrifice

We must learn from these lessons and purify our hearts to meet Aba Abdillah in paradise,Muharram Poems

[Please recite Surah Fatiha for all of the believers]

Sources Arbeen, Zocalo,Iqra

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